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12 August 2005

Perpendicular greyship update

Update: 22 July 2005 07:22

Hartmut Holzwart has produced some new partial results related to perpendicular greyships -- i.e., spaceships whose central section is made up of alternating lines of ON and OFF cells, and whose direction of travel is perpendicular to these lines. Several completed spaceships of this type are shown in an upcoming weblog posting.

Connection of 1/10 slope to 1/2 slope
Hartmut Holzwart, 14 July 2005

A 1/10-slope edge can be connected to a 1/2-slope edge:

Connection from side of perpendicular 
greyship to 1/4-slope back edge

Hartmut Holzwart, 22 July 2005

Jason Summers' side component can be connected to the 1/4 back edge component; however, Holzwart reports that his attempts to connect the side component to a known front component have not been successful.

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