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03 November 2012


I don't believe that there has yet been an official announcement (except for a minor footnote) that the entire pentadecathlon.com site is now irrevocably defunct. As such, Dave Greene suggested that we relocate LifeNews by merging it with Conway's Life: Work in Progress. There is going to be a programme of archiving the old LifeNews entries and making them available somewhere on the Internet.

Until then, the LifeNews triumvirate humbly apologises for any inconvenience.


random said...

Can someone link me to an .rle for the new fastest glider reflector?

Dave Greene said...

The reflector showed up on the conwaylife.com forums:


It can be seen in action in this larger pattern:


I'm not sure about the disappearance of pentadecathlon.com being irrevocable, by the way. Much of the content may well show up hosted on a new server, sooner rather than later.

It's just the LifeNews blog that pretty certainly won't be hosted at pentadecathlon.com any more, at least in its old form -- it contained too much custom code that wasn't compatible with the new server.

paulrw63@live.com said...

One reason why my own personal pattern collecting (30 books + Master Index) is over, save for checking for errors, is that the new server gives me crap with the code of the old playing field. Programs should NOT rely on the OS, but should always be compatible, even if they need be larger.